Algarve Motorcyclist Taking Part in 2013 Dakar Race

"Ruben Faria Dakar"The Algarve region will be represented in the next edition of the international Dakar race with motorcyclist Ruben Faria flying the flag not only for Portugal but for the Algarve also.

The rider has said that he hops that this time he will make it into the top five of all the riders taking part in the incredible race that has gained notoriety over the years for its difficulty conditions and the need for the riders and drivers taking part to possess a variety of skills to be able to accomplish the challenge of even completing the race – never mind ranking highly at the finish line.

In total Portugal will be represented in the Dakar race by five different riders – all of whom have already ridden and raced at the very highest of levels.

This year Hélder Rodrigues, Paulo Gonçalves, Pedro Bianchi Prata and Mário Patrão will be joining Ruben Faria in the race and all are hoping to not only finish but to finish well.

The 2013 edition of the Dakar race will not be taking place in Dakar nor will it even be taking place even in Africa with the race instead being contested through Peru, Argentina and Chile in South America.

While Ruben Faria is aiming high and intends to finish in the top 5 of the race he maintains that his greatest priority will be to ensure that he provides support to Cyril Despres, the head of his team in the race.

If all goes well though for Cyril Despres then there is every chance for Ruben Faria to also finish well in the race.

He believes that he has all the capabilities and skills to secure him a top five finish  and this being his sixth time taking part in the race proves that he is an accomplished rider.

The best result for Ruben Faria in the race came last year when he finished in 8th place after winning several stages within the race as a whole.

The Dakar 2013 race is contested over 8423 kilometres with half being raced in selective sectors.

The race will be taking place in south America over 14 stages between January 5 and 19 with the winners being announced at the end of the race in the Peruvian capital of Lima.

All eyes in the Algarve will be on local lad Ruben Faria with expectations being higher than ever this year for an outstanding result.