Algarve Fair 2012: All The Fun Of The Fair

The Algarve Fair was here again with another spectacular show and I am sad to say I have missed the last few. So this year I made sure I enjoyed this one. There is just so much to see and do and in the lovely June heat there were plenty of places to find shade.

There were many things to see but what sent me back twice to look at had to be the dogs via the SOS Algarve Animals and they were so cute. I just wanted to take them all home with me. Unfortunately I don’t think my cats would appreciate the new additions to their family and would hiss at them. It’s a good job really though, because I fell in love with one dog and Dominic with another – though if I had my way we would have at least three dogs.

Another reason a dog is not appropriate at the moment is that we are just about to go on holiday to America for five weeks so getting a dog used to its new environment in just 10 days would be unfair.

We also had a good look around all the shops and were very impressed with something for everyone. With holidays on the brain we were able to stock up on some holiday essentials such as extra clothes, Avon Essentials and lots of other things.

"Algarve Fair 2012"

I was also very pleased to se Algarve Spice at the event as I am addicted to herbs and spices and can’t go long without cooking homemade meals with them. Though I must confess I did buy all the mustard power so if you were looking for any – please blame me!!!

So here is to a nice slow roasted Pulled Pork before we go on holiday.

"Algarve Fair"After we had gone around the business stands we decided to get something to eat and couldn’t believe how much choice there was available. One thing we often disagree with in the Milner household is food because I love something spicy were as Dominic will have a bad stomach if anything is stronger in spice than Cottage Pie. So it means the amount of Indian meals I have had over the years have been very few. In fact the last time I visited an Indian Restaurant was when I was in England in May 2011 and before that it had probably been about five years. So no matter what I was going to have some Indian food.

But this is what I like about these kind of setups you can buy meals from different stands and then group together on a bench somewhere in between. So while the boys went off and had Pizza and Chips I went off and got some curry and rice and it was amazing – just what I needed and very tasty. When you have limited kitchen space and equipment you expect it to go downhill but it was actually very, very nice. And I was also impressed that they were dishing out proper plates when a lot of them had you on plastic throw away tableware.

So when I got back I looked on Google to see if they have a local restaurant? And guess what they are Tavira based and I must admit this feels like the story of my restaurant life in the Algarve. All my favourite ones are always at least a 30 minute drive away and this is the furthest of the lot. So I will be surprised if I get the chance to sample their food again. Unless they’re at one of the future fairs. I must admit I am gutted – I remembered how much I love my Indian Food.

After we had eaten we decided to have a listen of the music that was playing out and it was rather good listening to some beautiful old songs – I love anything pre 1980 so I didn’t want to leave.

We also sampled the dog show that was very good and very funny. I have never been to a dog show before and I never realised it could be so entertaining just trying to get a dog to sit down.

We finished the trip off with some wine purchases and bought about seven bottles and it was nice to see the local wine back again.

"The Algarve Fair"

Overall I am going to make the effort and come again next year even if it is just for the entertainment that The Portugal News put on for the day.