A Farewell From The Mayor Of Albufeira

"desiderio silva albufeira"Desiderio Silva, the mayor of Albufeira, has said goodbye to the residents of Albufeira in an open letter.

Desiderio Silva is leaving his post as the mayor or Albufeira to take up the position of the president of the ERTA Algarve tourism board tomorrow (Friday).

In the open letter Desiderio Silva noted that he would not be able to stand as mayor of Albufeira for another term due to electoral laws and so the move to the ERTA was a step that he felt he needed to take and that through it he would be able to share his “ideas and opinions”.

He spoke of how over the past decade he had seen the “brand of Albufeira elevated” and that was proud of the “evolution” of Albufeira which he now considers to be an “attractive and beautiful place to live, visit and invest in”.

Over the period of time that Desiderio Silva had been in office as mayor he said he had seen the implementation of new school programmes, social and sporting events and the modernisation of accessibility in the municipality as being key to “improving the quality of life for residents and visitors” to Albufeira.

but while he spoke of his pride in the improvements that had been made in Albufeira over the years he added that it was now time to “work on a regional scale”.

“I think that Algarve tourism needs a new momentum that will help to affirm its position as being important not only on a regional scale but also in a national context.

“My experience as mayor and president of the tourism board of Albufeira will help me to be able to embrace this new challenge with determination and the desire to make a difference but always working in the defense of the region as a whole.”

Albufeira will now have the deputy mayor José Carlos Rolo acting as mayor.

While Desiderio Silva may be excited about his future as the head of tourism in the Algarve his leaving his role as mayor in Alufeira has been criticised by members of the PS party.

According to a report by the regional newspaper Região Sul, Ricardo Clemente of the PS Party said that by leaving his post early the mayor has “failed to fulfill his commitment to Albufeira.”

Ricardo Clemente added: “His decision to move shows that he has put his political career ahead of the needs of Albufeira.

“By saying that tourism has always been his vocation he has left people feeling angry and frustrated by those who continue to give their best for the municipality.  It seems as if being the mayor of Albufeira was always a way to be able to move further on in his career to a more interesting position.”

For Ricardo Clemente Desiderio Silva is leaving Albufeira in “organisational and financial chaos”.