Festival of Discovery to Return To Lagos

"lagos festival"The highly popular festival of Discovery “Festival dos Descobrimentos” will be returning to Lagos between April 26 and May 5 once again this year.

The popular will see Lagos turn back the clock to the sixteenth century and celebrating King Sebastião during the festival.

This is the seventh edition of the festival and this year the theme will be surrounding King Sebastião from Lagos to Alcácer Quibir with events planned to show this period of Portuguese history and the remarkable role of the King at this time which saw great developments and discoveries on social, cultural and economic levels in the Algarve and the country as a whole.

Getting Married In The Algarve

"wedding algarve"Getting married in the Algarve is becoming increasingly popular and it doesn’t matter if you live in the region or simply want to come over for an unforgettable wedding the Algarve is a great choice for a celebration!

It has to be the weather that draws most people to the Algarve for a wedding – knowing that you can wear your beautiful dress and not having to worry about it raining is a big bonus for many people but before you book your flights and head over for a wedding in the Algarve make sure you consider some of the basics.

Footballers Call Off Strike At Olhanense Football Club In The Algarve

"olhanense strike"Players from the Olhanense have called off a strike after they were paid half their wages by a friend of the president of the Olhanense football club.

The Algarve club has avoided disaster, at least for now, after €288,000, an amount equaling half of the outstanding wages owed to the players of Olhanense was paid to the players.

If the money was not paid to the players then they were threatening to strike and to not play in the match against Benfica which is due to take place on Sunday and promises to generate a considerable amount of revenue for the club through increased ticket sales.

New Algarve IKEA To Employ 300 Staff

"ikea algarve"With unemployment at a high in the Algarve the news that the soon to open new IKEA store will create 300 jobs will be welcome news for many in the region.

Considered by many in Europe to be one of the best companies to work for, IKEA will not only be creating hundreds of jobs in the Algarve but these jobs will also be opportunities for many to develop their careers with training and development programmes for staff being made available.

Slow Protest Against A22 On Guadiana Bridge

"toll protest guadiana"Around a dozen people took part in a protest against the tolls on the A22 motorway on Friday on the Guadiana bridge.

The protesters were from the Commission of Users of the Via do Infante (A22) and they headed to the bridge at a time when hundreds of foreign cars were coming over and paying tolls before coming into the Algarve for the long Easter weekend.

According to reports about the protest there were plenty of cars stopping to pay the tolls on the A22 as they travelled into Portugal however the protesters said that their presence on the bridge should be seen as “symbolic” and that they have no intentions of stopping their protests until the tolls on the A22 are finally suspended.

Living In Portugal And Celebrating Easter

"easter living in portugal"Portugal is known for being a predominantly Catholic country and because of this Easter is still a very important time of the year with religious ceremonies taking place up and down the country.

In Portugal both Good Friday and Easter Sunday, no matter what the date, are both bank holidays in the country.  There were recent changes to the number of bank holidays in Portugal but because of the significant religious importance of Easter Sunday and Good Friday both of these days remain bank holidays.