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Portugal Vs England: The Cinemas

"Portugal Vs England: The Cinemas"I just had to write this today because for once I am mad with Portugal and the lack of Cinema’s in my area.

I was one of many that used the cinema complex at the Algarve Shopping in Guia. I loved going there and my husband and I would go whenever there was a film that we wanted to see.

Yes with the cinema prices rising over the years we now go just for films we think will be good rather than going for the sake of it. So we would have had fluxes in the amount of times we would go from once every six months to once a week.

We were really pleased when the new year started as we could go from one film to another as we were simply spoilt for choice.

A couple of weeks ago during the last week in January we went and saw “The Impossible” and absolutely loved it and where planning on coming back the week after to see “Lincoln” and then we also wanted to see the new Sir Anthony Hopkins movie and of course the new Die Hard film. So we were absolutely gutted to hear that our nearest cinema was now going to be all the way down to Faro.

Plus how could we possibly meet those times? With 3pm showings being the norm in Faro to get there and back and in time for the school run was impossible.

We thought here we go again another row Portuguese style and that they would be back open again in a week but there you go more than two weeks later and the cinema supplier announces that all jobs are to go and they are not running the cinemas anymore.

It just winds me up the wrong way the way companies row with each other in Portugal and how in another country this would over and settled with and the customers would have never known that there was even a problem.

And this brings me back to why I watch films at the cinema now when the majority of people I know either wait until films make there way onto Love Film or watch copies bought from markets in the illegal sense of the word!

Well personally I am as blind as a bat and when I sit at home watching a film it is always blurred and it feels to me how other people feel when they watch TV without their glasses.

So the cinema gives me the experience that most people take for granted and I find it particularly good when it comes to watching action films as the surround sound in a cinema make it feel much more special.

I love movies and I really don’t know anyone that is a bigger movie addict than me. I love them and when I went to Disney World last year my main focus was Hollywood Studios and it was just so special.

I hope this isn’t going to be the end of my cinema days but you never know. This then brings me back to England and how every town always has a cinema and something I wish was true about Portugal.

So for this week England gets the big thumbs up.

End of week 4: Portugal 3 England 1