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Moving To Portugal And Living In Ferragudo

"ferragudo guide"When you are considering moving to Portugal then it is essential that you find the right town, village or area for you and to be able to make this decision a little easier we have put together a series of guides to different places that you can choose to live in with Ferragudo being looked at today.

Ferragudo has long attracted foreign residents with many being charmed by the cobbled streets and fishing boats bobbing along the river and although Ferragudo is very small it is known by thousands thanks to it being one of the most picturesque places along the Algarve coast.

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Good things often come in small packages and Ferragudo is an example of a place that is packed full of character and charm despite being small in size.

The historical buildings, bustling fishing industry and amazing beaches are just some of the reasons that people continue to be drawn to this beautiful fishing town.


Ferragudo is located in the central Algarve region between Lagoa and Portimão and sits along both the Atlantic coast and the shores of the River Arade.

If you travel along the A22 motorway then exit at Lagoa and then head in the direction of Portimão on to the EN125 – you will then see signs to Ferragudo.

There are several ways to get in to Ferragudo but beware because the little roads that lead you in to the town are all quite treacherous and you need to care when driving along them.

If you are standing at the marina in Praia da Rocha and you look across the river then you can see Ferragudo but to get across you either have to hire a boat or you have to drive over one of the two bridges in Portimão that cross the Arade.


"ferragudo beaches"Ferragudo is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve and one of the greatest things is that they are all so close to the main town itself of Ferragudo meaning you can walk to the beach from the centre of town.

The town beach is a long stretch of sand that stretches along the river and is known as Praia da Angrinha.  It is from here that people set off in their boats for fishing and generally this area is not used for sunbathing and is more for dog walking and fishing.

Around the headland and past the castle on the cliffs is the amazing Praia Grande beach.  This, as the name suggests, is an enormous beach with several great beach bars and restaurants as well as a play park on the sand and an area for beach football and volleyball.

Even in the height of the summer there is still plenty of space for people here thanks to its size and the very calm waters here make it ideal for families – although be prepared for the lots of steps down to the beach.

A little further along the coast the next beach to Praia Grande is Praia do Molhe.  This is easy to spot because it is the beach that has the harbour wall and because of this one side of the beach has lovely calm waters and the other side has waves big enough for a spot of surfing – again many steps here and not suitable for anyone with accessibility issues.

Also in the local area there is Praia do Pintadinho and Praia dos Caneiros – both stunning beaches and very popular in the summer months.

If you can’t find a beach you like in this area then you probably won’t find one anywhere thanks to the diversity of different beaches in and around Ferragudo.


In the summer time the centre of all activity in Ferragudo is in the square where there is often live music in the evenings.  This is where many little cafes, restaurants and bars are although the famous fish restaurants are just around the corner along by the waterfront.

There is monthly market in the town where you can pick up bits and bobs while there is also an annual Christmas fair that takes place in Ferragudo.

"ferragudo entertainment"Just along the road there is the Arade pavillion where concerts are held, dance performances and even in the summer months there are large discos.

Generally Ferragudo is a sleepy little town and those looking for a little more life head across into Praia da Rocha or along the coast to Carvoeiro where there are more bars and entertainment for all the family.


There is a small local market in the town near to the waterfront and this is open to buy fresh food, fruit, fish and meats each day.  There are a couple of small mini markets but if you want to shop for everything else for the week then head in to Parchal where there is a Lidl supermarket or alternatively cross the river into Portimão where there are the retail parks and supermarkets for everything you could possibly need.

Ferragudo has a couple of really lovely little boutiques selling great and interesting items while there is also the Bongard Atelier on the road out to Parchal where you can buy beautiful pieces of art work direct from the artist.


There is a post office, banks and a local school in Ferragudo and you can can most things done in the town.

"ferragudo post office"The administrative centre for Ferragudo is nearby Lagoa and you will have to travel to here if you want to deal with issues with the Câmara or to pay any late water bills etc.

In the centre of the town there is a lovely little play park for children while there is also a pharmacy in the town to save you having to travel for medication.


Ferragudo is very small and there are lots of people who want to live here so this has pushed the price of properties up however the recent property crisis has seen many drop in price to be far more affordable.

On the outskirts of Ferragudo there are some very large properties but with equally large price tags – José Marinho even has a property here which can give you an idea of the prices!

There are several new developments in and around Ferragudo now and this has helped to offer more affordable apartment options for anyone wanting to live in the area.

As always properties with sea views command a much higher price while those in the centre of the town or without parking options can sometimes be a little cheaper.

Find out more about the real estate market in Ferragudo by paying a visit to the town and speaking with local agents who specialise in the are and will be able to advise you on plots of land for sale, ruins for renovations, large villas or apartments to fit your budget.


Across at Caneiros beach you have one of the most famous beach bars in the Algarve – Rei das Praias.  This is not a cheap option for lunch or dinner but is one of the most beautiful places to sit in the world to watch the sunset.  In the summer time the restaurant holds beach parties which are often frequented by local celebs or visitors staying in the boutique hotel owned by the restaurant and located just up from the beach.


Ferragudo is truly beautiful and because it is still a working Portuguese town it still has traditional Portuguese charm that has been lost in many areas of the region.

"ferragudo best"Unfortunately it seems that everyone in the world knows just how lovely it is here and because of this it gets very busy in the summer and parking in the town or even at any of the beaches is a total nightmare in the height of summer.

In the winter time the friendly expat community make the most of the peace and quiet and there are often community events and charity nights held in the local area.