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Movements – Movimentos

"learn portuguese: movements - movimentos"Being able to describe simply movements can enrich a conversation. These words are ones you will hear often in conversation but could be in the past, present or future tenses.

For the purpose of the lesson the movements are all given in the present tense (to run, to walk etc) to change them into other tenses you will need to look up the verbs and the changes to the endings. In most cases if you hear the word in another tense you will be able to recognise it from its original present form.

Key words

Walk – Andar (an-dar)

Run – Correr (cor-rair)

Stroll – Passear (pass-ee-ar)

Crawl – Gatinhar (gat-in-ar)

Swim – Nadar (nad-ar)

Dive – Mergulhar (mer-gool-lyar)

Ride (a bike) – Andar de Bicicleta (an-dar de bis-ee-clet-a)

Ride (a horse) – Andar a Cavalo (an-dar a cav-alo)

Jump – Saltar (sal-tar)

Hop – Pé coxinho (pay cosh-ee-nyo)

Dance – Dançar (dan-sar)

Fast – Rapido (rap-ee-do)

Slow – Devagar (de-va-gar)

High – Alto (al-to)

Low – Baixo (by-sho)

Far – Longe (lon-ju)

Near – Perto (pair-too)

Deep – Fundo (fun-do)

Shallow – Pouco Profundo (po-co pro-fun-do)

This is a taster of the houses learn Portuguese lesson to download it in full in pdf format on the Amazon kindle please click on the link below: