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"Learn Portuguese"One of the most important and useful things you can do when you move to Portugal is learn Portuguese, not only will this help you to be able to navigate daily life more easily it will also enable you to become integrated into the local community more quickly.

Advising people to learn Portuguese and actually learning it for yourself however are two very different things and anyone who has attempted to master the Portuguese language will know that in the majority of cases Portuguese doesn’t just come to you!

We understand that Portuguese is not the easiest language in the world to get to grips with and that is why we have come up with our very own course to help you to learn Portuguese in the easiest and least intimidating way possible.

If you are still in the UK or another country outside Portugal then our Portuguese language lessons are an ideal introduction to the language of Portugal.

Each lesson is split into easy to follow categories and subjects and comprises not only key words for each subject but also useful phrases and sentences that can be used for a variety of situations.

In every lesson we give you a little bit of background about the subject with some cultural references to help you understand the reason behind some of the situations that you are likely to come across while in Portugal.

For most people the problem with trying to learn Portuguese is not the understanding of words when they are written but it is the pronunciation that is most difficult and with this in mind our Portuguese language lessons all have phonetic guides with each word, put together by a native English speaker who understands the different sounds in Portuguese and English.

If you have already moved to Portugal then you are perhaps thinking about enrolling in some lessons to be able to learn Portuguese and if so our guides are a great way to give you a little head start and some confidence in your own abilities before entering the classroom.

The guides are not only useful for people moving to or living in Portugal they are also exceptionally useful for anyone coming on holiday to Portugal and wanting to be able to chat to local people or travel to areas where English is not widely spoken.

Print off the lessons and take them with you to be able to cover every situation when you are in Portugal!

The lessons have been put together by and English to Portuguese translator and a Portuguese native speaker and the key words have been carefully thought out.  These are not like the lessons you would be taught in school, instead they offer real and practical help and advice for the real world in Portugal.

Where sentences can be made easier, we have made them simpler and nothing has been over complicated, making this one of the easiest and quickest way to learn Portuguese.

The best way for anyone to learn the Portuguese language has to be to come to Portugal and to speak with Portuguese people.  You will find that the majority of people in Portugal are more than happy to help you learn some Portuguese and with our language lessons you will have a great introduction to the language.

If you are not looking to become fluent and just want to be able to make yourself understood in certain situations then the lessons are also perfect for this thanks to them being split into easy to use sections.

Whatever your ambitions with the Portuguese language you can be sure that our language lessons will put you on the right track to learn Portuguese.

You can access our learn Portuguese directory by clicking here.