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Lagoa DOC Wine

"Lagoa-DOC-Wine"The Lagoa Region of the Algarve has been a designated DOC Wine production area since it was awarded this prestigious title in 1980. The Lagoa DOC district covers the municipalities of Lagoa and Albufeira, and there are some fantastic locally run vineyards in this beautiful part of the Algarve. The climate is perfectly suited to wine growing, with the soft sandy soil being well adept to the task, creating a unique flavoured full bodied red wine.

The Lagoa region was traditionally very important to the Algarve as it was the trade and transport hub for much of the agriculture, including vines. These days the wine production has taken on a different role, offering a chance for independent growers to take over the vineyards and perfect their own labels. Cooperativa de Lagoa is one such company, and they offer some excellent choices including both full bodied and light red wines. As well as wine, they also produce their own aguardente.

One of the best ways to discover and taste the DOC wines from this region is to dine out. Restaurants in the Algarve pride themselves on their wine selections, and you will often find some hidden treasures from the local region stocked ready for you to enjoy. Any restaurant worth their salt will be able to provide you with some sound advice on what to enjoy with your meal, and many will let you purchase bottles from them if you particularly enjoyed it.

Some of the most highly recommended wines from the Lagoa DOC region include:

  • Encostas de Odelouca 2008 - This is a delightful rose that has a delicate yet distinctive red fruity taste. The special fermentation process gives it its unique flavour and aroma, having been bled for 12 days, which is the usual process that the red wine endures. This is a perfect wine to enjoy with friends and some canapés. The alcohol content is 13%.
  • Quinta do Frances 2006 – The Quinta do Frances is a very organic tasting full bodied red wine. It comes from a blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Aragonez and Trincedeira grapes, to produce a perfect blend of flavours for those of you who simply love a glass of red wine. The wine has been left to age for 17 months in French oak barrels, giving it a very subtle, yet important element to the taste. The strong 13.5% wine will leave your taste buds feeling extremely satisfied.

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