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Houses (Casas)

"learn portuguese: houses - casas"The choice for most people when it comes to housing is either an apartment, a house, a villa or a farm. Farms can be bought without having to be a farmer, these farms are usually just larger houses with some land surrounding the property.

When looking at properties then the size of the house or apartment is referred to in terms of T1 for a one bedroom property and then T2, T3 etc.

If you live in an apartment or on a resort you will need to usually be part of a condominium agreement, this deals with general maintenance, painting and other problems and usually has an annual charge depending on the services available.

If you are looking to buy a property in Portugal there is a huge selection of real estate agents to choose from and most will speak some English however the basics can be found below.

Key words

House – Casa (caz-a)

Apartment- Apatamento (apart-a-mento)

Villa – Vivenda (veev-ven-da)

Farm – Quinta/Fazenda (kin-ta / Faz-en-da)

Garden – Jardim (jar-deem)

Kitchen garden – Quintal (kin-tal)

Condominium – Condominio (con-do-min-ee-o)

Garage – Garagem (ga-ra-jem)

Pool – Piscina (pi-sheen-a)

Letter Box – Caixa de Correio (cai -sha de cor-ray-a)

Door – Porta (por-ta)

Door Bell – Campainha (camp-eye-een-ya)

Keys – Chaves (shav-s)

Entrance Hall – Hall de Entrada (all de ent-rada)

Kitchen – Cozinha (coz-een-ya)

Lounge – Sala de Estar (sal-a de est-ar)

Dining Room – Sala de Jantar (sal-a de jan-tar)

Bathroom – Casa de Banho (caz-a de ban-yo)

Bedroom – Quarto (kwart-o)

Cellar – Adega (ad-eg-a)

En suite – En Suite

Master bedroom – Quarto Prinicpal (kwart-o prin-see-pal)

Driveway – Entrada (ent-ra-da)

Parking Space – Estacionamento (est-a-see-on-a-mento)

Balcony – Balcão (bal-cow)

Terrace – Terraço (te-ras-soo)

Lift – Elevador (el-a-va-door)

Stairs – Escadas (es-cad-as)

Shed – Barracão (ba-ra-cow)

Attic – Sotão (sot-ow)

Pump house – Casa das bombas (caz-a das bom-bas)

Pantry – Despensa (des-pen-sa)

Address – Morada (mor-a-da)

Floor – Piso/Andar (pee-so / an-dar)

Left – Esquerda (es-kare-da)

Right – Direito (dee-ray-to)

Sea view – Vista Mar (vee-sta mar)

Mountain view – Vista para a montanha (vee-sta para a mont-an-ya)

Country View – Vista para o campo (vee-sta para o camp-o)

This is a taster of the houses learn Portuguese lesson to download it in full in pdf format on the Amazon kindle please click on the link below: