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Homemade Sardine Pate

"Homemade Sardine Pate""Homemade Sardine Pate"Sardine pate is something of a Portuguese speciality and it is absolutely delicious. The funny thing about Sardine pate is that it looks pretty uninspiring but when you taste it you really do realise that looks aren’t everything.

In Portugal, sardine pate is one of the small dishes that is served before a meal with olives and a lovely bread which is unique to Portugal. If you are like me though, theses petisco plates as they are often called are so beautiful that I end up eating so much that I am full for the main course.

OK, here is a fantastic recipe for Homemade Sardine pate which will turn you into a pate lover if you are not one already.


To make a pot of homemade Sardine pate or a ramekin as it is often called you will need the following ingredients.

One hundred grammes of butter which must be unsalted. It is a good idea to get the butter out of the fridge in plenty of time because it makes the whole process so much easier.

One tea spoon of tomato paste, get hold of the sun-dried variety if at all possible.

One tin of sardines in oil. These tins are about 120 grammes and it is advisable to pay a little extra for the better quality Portuguese sardines. They are still relatively inexpensive but you really can taste the difference.

The next ingredient is entirely optional but a lovely added touch is a tiny amount of Scotch whiskey or even a splash of Calvados. I find that this little extra really does give the pate that extra something.

Finally, a few dried chilli flakes or in keeping with the Portuguese tradition, a small pinch of ground piri piri.


You then need to get hold of a food processor and blend together the butter, tomato paste and sardines, but all is not lost if you haven’t got a processor because you can always use your hands to mix them together. This is why I advised you to use soft butter because it makes the whole process so much easier.

Add a drop of whiskey as well as the piri piri and mix it all up some more. When you are satisfied that you can mix it up no more, you simply put the mixture in pot, cover it up and leave it in the fridge for around four days.

I can assure you that the finished product will have your taste buds trembling and it is entirely up to you what you eat the home made sardine pate with, but you really can’t beat having it with some lovely fresh bread, absolutely delicious!