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Family – Família

"learn portuguese: family - familia"In Portugal much of life revolves around the family and this does not mean just your immediate family, family extends to distant cousins in many cases with all equally being part of the family.

It is common for people to refer to each other directly as cousin, brother or sister or daughter or son and this is seen as a term of endearment.

In most cases there is a different word for different types of male and female relatives but if not the male will finish with an O and the female version with an A.

Key words

Mother – Mãe (my)

Father – Pai (pie)

Sister – Irmã (ear-ma)

Sister (informal) – Mana (man-a)

Brother- Irmão (ear-maow)

Brother (informal) – Mano (man-o)

Son – Filho (feel-lyo)

Daughter – Filha (feel-lya)

Aunt – Tia (tee-a)

Uncle – Tio (tee-o)

Grandmother – Avó (a-vo)

Grandfather – Avô (a-voo)

Husband – Marido (ma-ree-do)

Wife – Esposa (mar-ree-da)

Cousin (female) – Prima (pree-ma)

Cousin (male) – Primo (pree-mo)

Godmother – Madrinha (mad-reen-ya)

Godfather – Padrinho (pad-reen-yo)

Great Grandmother – Bisavó (bezz-a-vo)

Great Grandfather – Bisavô (beez-a-voo)

Brother-in-law – Cunhado (coon-ya-do)

Sister-in-law – Cunhada (coon-ya-da)

Mother-in-law – Sogra (sog-ra)

Father-in-law – Sogro (sog-ro)

Daughter-in-law – Nora (nor-a)

Son-in-law – Genro (jen-ro)

Granddaughter – Neta (net-a)

Grandson – Neto (net-o)

Step-Mother – Madrasta (mad-rast-a)

Step-Father – Padrasto (pad-rast-o)

Boyfriend – Namorado (nam-or-a-do)

Girlfriend – Namorada (nam-or-a-da)

Bride – Noiva (noy-va)

Groom – Noivo (noy-vo)

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