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Bringing The Best Of British To The Stage In The Algarve

"Algarve panto"There are many aspects of living in the Algarve that see all nationalities coming together for common activities while there are other occasions when it does seem very obvious the differences between the nationalities and the annual pantomime from the Algarveans experimental theatre group is certainly a time when the British do seem very odd indeed!

Every year around February the Algarveans experimental theatre group put on a pantomime production with performances staged either in Lagoa at the auditorium or in Lagos at the cultural centre – which ever is free for use on the dates set by the group.

The Algarveans pantomime has become as much a part of the expat community social calendar as anything else and sees a huge cross section of expats of all ages and abilities coming together for three nights of traditional British panto.

Members of the cast are not all British but they are mainly British and the play is performed entirely in English making it really only appeal to the expats or bemused visitors eager to find out what all the fuss is about.

Trying to explain to anyone who isn’t British exactly what a pantomime is turns out to be far more difficult than you might think with questions such as “why are the men women” and “why are the women men” and “what is going on with all the booing and hissing” are all very hard to answer!

While it is a very British affair there are actually a fair few people who are not British who come along to laugh at the slap stick comedy of a pantomime which especially fun for children who may have no idea about what is going on on the stage but understand that someone falling over is always funny.

The Algarveans usually put on a couple of performances every year with a mixture of original plays by local writers and renditions of old favourites all having the Algarvean treatment and it has to be said that all involved in the performance are very dedicated to putting on the best show possible and this shines through in the performances.

The Algarveans may have started out being a very British institution in the Algarve but the fun and talent that they display on stage means that they have become a part of the wider society in the Algarve, a region that embraces all nationalities and their quirks whatever they may be.

Living in the Algarve is a brilliant way to sample many different cultures and the pantomime is an example of true British eccentricity!