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Beach Spotlight: Praia Da Rocha

portugal travel praia da rochaWhen travelling in Portugal the beaches are some of the most visited spots in the country mainly die to the cast variety of different beaches up and down the country, however there are some beaches that stand out as being particularly special and Praia da Rocha in the Algarve is one of these beaches.

Praia do Rocha is perhaps one of the main reasons that tourism really started up in the Algarve and it was the early visitors to the region who came across the beach and fell in love with it that blazed the trail for future travellers in Portugal.

Praia da Rocha is located in the central region of the Algarve and is the beach part of the city of Portimão.

What makes Praia da Rocha such a special beach is mainly die to its enormous size which means that even in the height of summer there will always be a space on the sand to place your towel!

The name of Praia da Rocha comes from the rock formations along the beach with the Portuguese word for rock being “Rocha”.  These rock formations are truly stunning and if you are more interested in capturing the beauty of the beach either through painitings or photographs then this is a great place to come, especially at sunset for a perfect picture.

Behind the beach is the bustling resort of Praia da Rocha itself where there are tower blocks, five star hotels, bars, restaurants and everything else associated with a tourist destination.  The town itself may not be the most beautiful place in the world but it does have many amenities which makes it still very popular with tourists from all over Europe and from other parts of Portugal.

The huge range of activities on Praia da Rocha makes this a beach for all ages and interests.  At one end you have the marina with smart bars and restaurants and a place to moor your boat.  From here you can also go on boat trips along the coast or even to see dolphins or can rent a pedalo and go out into the calm waters.

Many watersports take place on the beach in the summer as well as other sporting events including beach football and volleyball with tournaments taking place up to an international level.

On the beach itself there is a well equipped play park for younger members of the family while there are also restaurants and bars serving up local and international treats.

Praia da Rocha really has something for everyone and makes it an ideal place to spend the day, or even longer if you can when travelling in Portugal.