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An Open Letter To Asda And Why I Have Stopped Shipping Goods To Portugal

"An Open Letter To Asda And Why I Have Stopped Shipping Goods To Portugal"Dear Asda,

The first time I stepped foot in your supermarket I was probably about 10 years old and though it was huge and pretty with all its bright colours with all the discounts you had on offer. I had never seen anything like it with growing up in a small town with just a small Tescos and nothing else for shopping.

My mum and dad were visiting the big city and had decided to do a big shop there and I thought it was great.

Then when I was 22 I moved to a big city and it was only natural that we did the shopping there and it was a huge superstore opposite a football stadium. It was so big that it took us 90 minutes to get around the store.

Asda then became our supermarket of choice for the next four years.

Then when we moved abroad to Portugal it was only natural that we would get the occasional Asda grocery shop shipped through to Portugal via The Algarve Freight Centre.

I like shopping locally so it was just a place to go to stock up on English favourites that cost too much money locally. Such as toothpaste, canned Fanta and such like. So we would have maybe four deliveries a year with a huge one at Christmas.

We used to always laugh because we always ended up with things not delivered. We would put several DVD’s on our order and they would always be out of stock. And the same with toiletries and you would really think “why bother?” but as we didn’t get charged for them we didn’t care.

Then things changed for the worse last Christmas when we put in our Christmas order. More than fifty pounds worth of goods were not delivered but we were still charged for them.

We phoned the courier company and they put in an order for the missing items which would now be due in on Christmas Eve. A time when we were too busy to collect them as they are an hours drive away and as there wasn’t anything fresh we decided to collect them in the New Year.

When we did we were shocked to discover that most of it said on the delivery note that it was out of stock and The Algarve Freight Centre had signed that he had NOT been received.

So we emailed Asda because we didn’t want to have yet another redelivery for Christmas candles when it is January!

And your response was a horrible automated message that took you three days to send! I just cant believe that this is how you treat your customers. You told me that it was the couriers fault even though they had not signed for the missing items and in the end refused to refund me.

Thankfully I had paid for the goods on credit card so I was able to get a chargeback for my missing items and it has finally come through today.
What I will say is it seriously worth it to pay less for your goods and have terrible customer service or spend a little bit more for your goods and get an amazing personal service.

I will be putting my next order in with Sainsbury’s as I have trust in their customer service and for the branded products I require it will not cost me much more for the piece of mind that I will get.

With the internet we have choice and we don’t have to stay with companies like your own that lack manners and customer service.

I am just glad this has put an end to the matter and that I can finally move on. I also want to personally thank The Algarve Freight Centre for the amazing job they do.