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Hospitals and Health Centres Algarve Portugal

Clinica Projecto Saude

If you feel as if your body is not operating at its optimal level, than you need to seek help. No matter what your needs are, the Clinica Projecto Saude can provide them for you. From physiotherapy and massage to birth planning and yoga, you will find all of the services you need for a healthy body.

Visit Clinicia Projecto Saude[email protected]

Clinica Raminha

With all of the trials and tribulations we go through on a daily basis, everyone needs medical attention at some point. If you are in need of medical attention, Clinica Raminha can service your needs. Offering birth preparation, dermatology, paediatrics, phsychology, speech therapy and so much more, this clinic will meet your needs.

Clinica Raminha[email protected]

Comoda Solucao

Being home bound can really be an issue, as it makes it difficult to receive the medical attention you need. Comoda Solucao is a home visiting company will provide you with whatever services you need so that you can be on the mend in no time. The staff of this company will provide you with premier physiotherapy services.

Visit Comoda Solucao[email protected]

Dr. van Dijk Health Centre

If you are in need of medical attention, any time of the day or night, contact Dr. van Dijk Health Centre. No matter what your ailment or what time of the day or night it is, this doctor will provide you with the medical care that you need so you can be on the mend in no time.

Contact Dr. van Dijk Health Centre[email protected]


If you are looking for an international medical provider, than look no further. At Luzdoc, all of your medical needs will be met. Whether you need general medicine, a diagnostic test or you need to have an emergency treatment, you can be sure that your medical needs will be addressed at this international medical clinic.

Visit Luzdoc[email protected]

Olive Tree Clinic

Learn how to eat right and take proper care of your body for better overall well being at the Olive Tree Clinic. At this clinic, you will learn how to eat right, exercise, rest and just take care of your body and your mind so that you can achieve and maintain a better overall you.

Visit Olive Tree Clinic[email protected]

Private Hospital Algarve

At the Private Hospital Algarve, any and all of your medical needs will be serviced. Whether you are a resident of theAlgarve, or you are just visiting and you are in need of medical attention, you can count on the Private Hospital Algarve to meet your needs. From general medical care to emergencies, you’ll be taken care of.

Visit Private Hospital Algarve[email protected]

Riverside International Medical Centre

The Riverside International Medical Centre has been providing residents and visitors of theAlgarvewith medical treatment since 2002. At this clinic, the medical experts specialize in general family medicine, aviation medicine, accident and emergency medicine, as well as vaccinations and chirotherapy. This centre also offers an ambulance flight service to fly you to an emergency destination.

Visit Riverside International Medical Centre[email protected]

Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Services

Algarve Nursing Services

We are a small team of qualified nurses specializing in elderly care, post operative care, learning difficulties, and chemotherapy care. We can visit our patients at home, in rental villas, or hotel rooms. Additional services include ear syringing, terminal care, and provision of mobility equipment.

Visit Algarve Nursing Services - [email protected]

Amera Residencias Assistidas

Amera Residencias Assistidas is an assisted living facility that offers specialized services for all dependencies, whether physical or mental. We provide spacious rooms and furniture that help create a domestic atmosphere. Patients can bring their own furnishings and personal belongings so that they can feel like home.

Visit Amera Residencias Assistidas - [email protected]

Comfort Keepers Algarve

Comfort Keepers provides quality in-home senior care. The company has over 650 franchised offices worldwide. We offer premium services such as companion care, dementia care, mobility assistance, bathing, special diets, light housekeeping, and meal preparation.

Visit Comfort Keepers Algarve - [email protected]

Home Instead Senior Care

We provide tailor made, one-to-one home care services. Home Instead Senior Care is a well established organization that is committed to providing the highest quality care for seniors. Our team can collect prescriptions, arrange appointments, monitor diet and eating, supervise home maintenance, and offer companionship. We also specialize in Alzheimer’s care, dementia care, and incontinence care.

Visit Home Instead Senior Care  – [email protected]

Sul Care

Sul Care is a young, friendly company that offers quality products and services to those who require disability, mobility or living aids in the Algarve. The line of products includes adjustable bath benches, disposable pads and liners, hearing aids, medical alert systems, and personal monitors.

Visit Sul Care - [email protected]

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