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Everything Technology In The Algarve Portugal

Algarve Computer Centre

No matter what type of computer service you need, you will be able to find it at the Algarve Computer Centre. This full-service computer centre provides a host of computer services, including the sales of computers, repairs, web-hosting, printer repairs and cartridge refills. All of your computer needs will be met at the Algarve Computer Centre.

Algarve Computer Centre[email protected]

Algarve Computer Solutions

Thanks to the Algarve Computer Solutions centre, you will receive computer service direct to your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This computer servicing centre focuses on providing professional IT support at a very affordable price. They also provide new machines for purchase and can fix any machine problems.

Visit Algarve Computer Solutions[email protected]

Computer Needs Help

Your computer is a big part of your life, and the experts at Computer Needs Help understand that. No matter if you use your computer for work, or you use it for pleasure, if you are experiencing problems with it, you can be sure that these issues will be resolved when you seek the services of Computer Needs Help.

Computer Needs Helpinfo.com[email protected]

Newteq Solutions

Newteq Solutions is theAlgarve’s one and only licensed Apple dealer. If you are in need of any type of Apple product, or you are in need of an Apple product that you already own, than you can count on the expert staff at Newteq Solutions to assist your needs.

Visit Newteq Solutions[email protected]

PCFIX –Computer Repair Center

Whether you need your computer completely rebuilt, or you just need to have your hard drive reinstalled, or you are in need of an update to your printer, PCFIX –ComputerRepairCentercan help. From personal computers, laptops, monitors and printers, no job is too big or too small for this company.

Visit PCFIX – Computer Repair Center[email protected]

SBA Computers

At SBA Computers, the expert staff realizes that your computer is an important part of your life. That’s why the staff here offers services that are completely customized to your needs, offering you a personal touch. This company specializes in computer repairs, spares, data recovery, antivirus protection and so much more.

Visit SBA Computers[email protected]

Techni-call Computer Solutions

For more than 20 years, the experts at Techni-call Computer Solutions have been providing computer repair services. The team at Techni-call works on laptops and personal computers and provides professional computer support, web design and hosting to meet your needs. No matter what your computer needs are, give Techni-call a call.

Visit Techni-call Computer Solutions[email protected]

Cybercafes and Public Internet Access

Casa Inglesa

If you are in need of public Internet access and you are in the Portimao area, than you can count on Casa Inglesa. This public internet access center offers Ethernet plugs for laptops. They also have several desktop computers right on site for you to use. Keep in touch as Casa Inglesa.

Visit Casa Inglesa[email protected]

Internet, Telephone, VOIP and WiFi


If you are seeking Internet access in theAlgarve, consider using the services of AEIOU. This Internet provider offers dial-up Internet access at 56kb or ISDN 64k. On here, you will have access to free webmail, as well as a web search facility. AEIOU provides basic Internet services for all of your searching needs.

Visit AEIOU[email protected]

Broadband Algarve

If you live in a portion of the Algarve that phone lines can’t reach, or you just want to outfit yourself with exceptional Internet access, than consider using Broadband Algarve. This Internet service provider works via a satellite connection, so you can access the Internet from anywhere without having to connect to lines.

Visit Broadband Algarve[email protected]

Broadband Iberia

Connecting to the Internet is a necessity in today’s day and age. Whether you use your computer for business or for pleasure, you want to make sure that you are backed by a powerful Internet provider. BroadbandIberiais a satellite Internet provider that offers various Internet access plans and bandwidth options.

Visit Broadband Iberia[email protected]

CyclopNet – Global Internet Solutions

Simplify your Internet service and your telephone service by combining the two. At CyclopNet, you can do just that. This Internet and telephone service provider offers premium Internet and telephone service. The company also provides web design, web hosting, VPN, as well as e-commerce and customer support to ensure your needs are met.

Visit CyclopNet – Global Internet Solutions[email protected]


You simply won’t believe the powerful Internet services and solutions that Novis provides. This company provides ADSL, dial-up networking that features a 24MBps package, as well as web conferences and its own mailing system. This provider is reasonably priced and offers exceptional services. With Novis, you can stay connected with ease.

Visit Novis[email protected]

Octopus Internet Services

Octopus Internet Services is your Internet service provider for theAlgarve. This provider offers various broadband solutions for you, including 3G, WiFi, routers, wireless connections and so much more. Not only does Octopus Internet Services offer a lot of services, but they also offer high quality services to ensure that you are connected.

Visit Octopus Internet Services[email protected]


When it comes to your Internet service provider, you want to get the simplest service, but also the service that offers you the most. With Simplesnet, that’s exactly what you get. This Internet service provider offers an array of packages that offer unlimited usage, as well as personal web pages, blogs, email and so much more.

Visit Simplesnet[email protected]

PC, Mac and Computer Sales and Rentals


For all of your computer and Internet access needs, visit Computecnica. Here, you will find an array of products and services that will enable you to connect with the world. Desktop computers, laptops, hard drives, monitors, printers and an array of complete Internet packages are offered at the Computecnica store.

Visit Computecnica[email protected]

HL Assisst

A computer isn’t very useful if you don’t have hardware or software to use with it. With HL Assist, you can get all of the hardware and software that you need to get the most out of your computer. The experts at HL Assist will help guide you in the right direction.

Visit HL Assist[email protected]

WiFi Hotspots and Wireless Access Points

Aldeamento Turistico Pedras da Rainha

This superb hotel offers a host of amenities, including WiFi throughout the property. If you are staying at this resort, you will find that staying in touch with your friends and family, as well as keeping up with your business needs, will be an absolute breeze, as there are so many WiFi locations.

Visit Aldeamento Turistico Pedras da Rainha[email protected]

Lagos Hotel Tivoli

The Lagos Hotel Tivoli is one of the premier hotels in the Algarve. This hotel offers exceptional accommodations, including 324 rooms, restaurants, bars and pools. While staying here, you will also enjoy exceptional WiFi hot spots throughout the property, so staying in touch will be one more thing you won’t have to worry about.

Visit Lagos Hotel Tivoli[email protected]

Marina de Lagos

The Marina de Lagos is an exceptional place to enjoy a wonderful day on the water. Set sail, enjoy lunch or soak up the sun from this property. While here, you can also take advantage of the many WiFi spots that are located throughout the property. You will be able to stay in touch with ease.

Visit Marina de Lagos  - [email protected]

The Cottage Restaurant and Grill

If you are near The Strip in Montechoro and you are looking for a bite to eat, as well as WiFi service, than head over to the Cottage Restaurant and Grill. Here, you will not only get the chance to dine on exceptional, freshly prepared food, but you will also be able to take advantage of free WiFi.

Visit The Cottage Restaurant and Grill[email protected]

VilaVita Parc

If you are traveling to theAlgarve area on business and you are in need of a space to conduct business meetings, than head to the Vila Vita Parc. This facility offers 5 separate conference rooms, as well as exceptional WiFi service throughout the building, so you will be able to meet all of your Internet needs.

Visit Vila Vita Parc[email protected]

Website Design & Hosting

4 Walls Design

4 Walls Design offers professional hosting and web design services for businesses and individuals. Our company is based in the Algarve. We also provide commercial and artistic stock photography, search engine optimization, logo design, and branding services. Our services are tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Visit 4 Walls Design[email protected]

Algarve Site

Do you want to have your own website? Are you looking for new ways to promote your online business and get traffic? The experts from Algarve Site can set up a professional website for your business, optimize your pages for the search engines, and implement the latest web-based applications.

Visit Algarve Site[email protected]

Atelier do Sul Design Consultants

With over 30 years of experience, Atelier do Sul Design Consultants is one of the best rated design consultancy firms in the Algarve. We provide a wide range of services, including logo design, graphic design, billboards advertising, SEO, and domain registration. We can help you identify your target market and build a successful brand.

Visit Atelier do Sul Design Consultants[email protected]

Hammer Computer

Hammer Computer is a leading web design company that caters to small and medium sized companies. Whether you want to start an online business, increase website traffic, or achieve higher search engine rankings, our experts cam help you accomplish your goals. We provide responsive web design and web development, search engine optimization, and ecommerce solutions at affordable rates.

Visit Hammer Computer[email protected]

Website Express by Techni-call

Website Express by Techni-call is a family run web design business with over six years of experience. Our services are catered to small businesses and home users. We specialize in web hosting, web design, domain name registration, SEO, email setup, network administration, and computer repairs.

Visit Website Express by Techni-call - [email protected]

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