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Algarve Restaurants: Serra Da Estrela Restaurante, Algarve Shopping

"Serra Da Estrela Restaurante"With being parents to one child there is always that temptation to take them to a fast food outlet. Mainly because of the great convenience that comes with it. Plus I am a big fan of a trip to KFC or Pizza Hut.

When we go to Algarve Shopping I am embarrassed to say like many other expats that live in the Algarve we are regular visitors at these establishments. I know I am not alone because whenever I am sat in the main food area I always see the same people eating at Mcdonalds (the white legs always gives it away).

On this occasion though we thought to ourselves that we have never actually eaten at a proper restaurant at Shopping Algarve and decided to give one in particular a try.

It is called Serra Da Estrela Restaurante and is in the quite area just past all the fast food establishments and lovely and quiet for relaxing away from the hot summer heat.

We have been to Serra Da Estrela Restaurante about five times this year and each time it has been great food and a great atmosphere.

There is a lot of different choice on the menu but like many other people we often end up with our favourite meal and we struggle too much to go with something new. Though I am always having a quick peek to see what other people are ordering.

The first time we went to Serra Da Estrela Restaurante we had the beautiful and often famous throughout Portugal, steak on the stone and it was very nice. It wasn’t as nice as the steak on the stone we have had in Olhao and is completely uncooked, whereas many other places provide it with you half cooked.

So we decided in future not to have the steak on the stone and opted for the bargain deal that is on offer all the time and you can see the offer when you walk past.

With the meal deal you get a fantastic piece of steak, cooked however you like, plus two sides and a lovely steak sauce. Your plate is completely full and you feel like you have been fed a real feast.

You can choose from chips, rice and salad to go with your steak and I always go for rice and salad. Though my dad hates rice and salad (yes I know he is not very healthy!!!) – So I am sure this winter when I drag him down there he will have 2 lots of chips with his.

The second time we had this though we had a bad waiter that got everything wrong. He has curly brown hair and looks a bit silly. You will spot him a mile off and my guess is that he is probably the owners son because a normal restaurante would have sacked him by now.

When we ordered steak from him he didn’t bring a notebook and the steaks came with the wrong sauce and hadn’t been cooked how we had asked. He even brought us the wrong drinks. So now we make sure that he is not serving us and everything runs perfectly.

You can choose from a medium or a large steak and the sauces of choice are mushroom, Portuguese (beautiful olive oil and bacon) or the ultimate four cheeses. As a total cheese freak I always end up with the same sauce each time.

Then we always start our meal with the tapas for two. There are three of us and there seems to be a lot to go around. They do the really nice Spanish sausage, along with black pudding, sliced turkey and many more little tapas treats.

We will round off our meal with a nice pudding and be warned they are massive so there is plenty of sharing for two going on in this restaurante.

We have also come for lunch before going to the cinema as a nice day time treat while our son is at school.

You can come here on a budget and just have the set meal with a nice glass of white wine or push the boat out for a Saturday night on the town – the choice really is yours.

If you have just the set meal with a glass of wine (on the small sized steak which is still a good portion) it would cost you 8 € a head a bargain in this recession!!!

Can you honestly find somewhere else with such amazing service (minus one dodgy waiter of course) that can provide you with steak and chips with whine for 8 € each?

I doubt it!

This place is on my regular meal list and I am sure once you try it that it will be on yours.

An Update:

Unfortunately after four visits the steak that we have ordered has not been up to scratch. When we ask for it well done it comes back medium and the sauce is a lot stronger than other ocassions.

This is a real shame because the atmosphere is lovely and I cant understand why food that is on their set menu that they sell several of each day is such a let down.

Our Verdict 1/5

To get to Algarve Shopping where the restaurant is situated you can take the N125 or A22. On the A22 we travel down to junction 9 then keep to the right handside of the road, which brings you onto the N125. travel about 1.5km until you see the turn off for shopping. Take the right turn which takes you over the bridge and into the parking area. When parked make your way to the food area. When there you will see a Mcdonalds, KFC and Burger King, just ignore these and keep walking into the next area where all the traditional places are. Just on your right you will see Serra Da Estrela Restaurante about the second restaurant in.